Jade Alien Head Stone Carving

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These alien heads are solid pieces of carved stone with adorned tiger's eyes attached to their eyes giving them a really far outlook!

Yellow Jade aids in bringing its bearer self-confidence and courage creating for aiding in a stronger will with a bigger drive to achieve their goals! This stone as all jades will bring its bearer good luck, prosperity, and protection.

Green jade aids in boosting functions of the heart, immune systems, kidneys, liver and in regulating and aiding various other parts of the physical body! Not shocking as jade has always been known as a powerful healer and protector from physical ailments! Jade is known for its iconic symbol in many cultures for harmony and peace! It also aids the bearer in a calmer mind and helps them find balance!

Green fluorite is said to be a genius stone because it aids the bearer into the opening to new ideas and to information around them with mental clarity! It also aids the bearer in retaining more information and aiding in memory. Fluorite has always been known as well as the stone of balance in that it helps balance the emotional bodies and brings calmer minds to the bearer. Fluorite is an amazing stone!

Tigers eye is a stone that helps with passions and drives! It helps the bearer push past obstacles and fears so nothing stands in their way. Tiger's eye is a protective stone, especially against the evil eye and negative energies that surround it. It's also a nurturing stone that aids its bearer in finding a peaceful mind and calm. 

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Alien Head Dimensions: 2"L x 1"W x 1.5"H