Amazonite Draconic Candle Holder Stone Carving

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These beautiful solid pieces of amazonite were carved to create the most beautiful draconic candle holders! They have rich hues of green, blue, orange, yellow, and brown. This majestic dragon is made of a powerful precious stone known as amazonite and to many, it is also known as the hope stone. 

Amazonite is the most powerful stone for manifestation! It calls to the will of the bearer and draws in its intentions and doesn't do so blindly. It helps channel the inner spirit and the bearer's inner strength and pulls at one's intentions and inspires deeper hues of the self's wishes! It also inspires the attitude that you can and will get what you want! This stone then amplifies intentions! A perfect stone for manifesting desire! But that's not all this stones energies pulse! This stone was soo powerful at granting such inner strength and will it lined amazonian princesses' shields and was the stone to pour in the wishes on the tablets of the books of the dead in Egypt!

This stone also has properties that include powerful healing energies that can revitalize and heal its bearer from all manner of wounds and ailments! And as its colors suggest its roots in the throat and heart chakras are very apparent! This stone helps with speaking our truths and in healing and charging our hearts to feel love and emotionally and mentally balanced! This stone lets you stand authentically, powerfully, and be the bearer of your will!

What an amazing stone to have!

(Looks may vary from pictures).

Dragon Dimensions: 3.2"L x 2.9"W x 4.9"H