Amazonite Dragon Skull Carving

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Beautifully carved solid piece of amazonite. Full of rich colors. One of many beautiful Dragon Skulls Carved to perfection just for you!

Amazonite is a stone said to be the most powerful at bringing your manifestations to life! Amazonite is said to be great at seeing your desires within and drawing them outward and strengthening your resolves and ambition! Amazonite is great for enhancing your will and the energy sent out as you channel your desires! It is also a powerful healing stone that aids in healing your ailments! This stone is also connected with your 3rd eye, throat, and heart chakras and helps you in speaking your truth. Strengthening your connection to higher worlds and opening yourself up to love! This stone helps you get what you want, stand authentically, and see deeper parts in all things around you!

Size: 4.27"L X 2.05"W X 2.58"T

Weight 18.7oz