Anubis Stone Excellent Carving

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These Anubis busts are carved from the perfect gemstones that honor the wonderful Egyptian god. Black obsidian after the iconic color of his fur and labradorite shimmers like a halo that beckons into the higher realms. Both stones are protective and are perfect ways to represent this ancient deity!

Obsidian is a stone that draws in all that is negative and helps the bearer radiate outwards higher vibrational thoughts! Because of this, this stone is perfect for grounding and for drawing out all the low vibrational pollutants in the area as well! This stone is also very nurturing and can help you open up to the higher realms!

Labradorite is full of properties! It's the ability to help you open up your 3rd eye and to open you to the spiritual realm. Makes it the perfect stone to use for meditation as you walk amongst the astral realms. It's perfect for shamanic journeys! This stone also helps clear out and restore and charge your aura and keep it protected from those that drain or dampen it! This stone also helps lower blood pressure and can assist in physical ailments of the brain eyes and can even aid in the hormonal balance! 

You can see why we might pick these stones to honor such an iconic wonderful deity!

 Obsidian Anubis Dimensions: 2"w x 1.1"L x 2.4"H

Labradorite Anubis Dimensions: 2.6"W x 1.4"L x 3.1"H