Guardian Angel Stone Carving

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These angels come in 4 types of precious gemstone and are perfect for your journey! They're the perfect size for adorning an area of your home!

Howlite is perfect for helping you with mental clarity and for aiding in keeping your cool throughout the turbulence of the day! It's also quite the healing stone in that it will heal your inner wounds related to your inner demons at the subconscious level! 

Opalite helps in communications at all levels, be it with others or even into higher realms! It's beautiful rainbow shimmer is like the aura that is emitted from such wonderful beings but just like the rainbow it helps unblock all your chakras and smooth out and heal your energy fields. It's the perfect stone for revitalizing, connection and stability!

Clear Quartz is the perfect stone for channeling energy, storing energy or just manipulating it to your manifestation! It's also a great stone for connecting you to higher realms. This stone helps you get creative and be more creative and adds a boost to your inner inspiration. 

These stones are perfect choices when you need a guardian angel stone to accompany your path!

Pick the one that's calling you!

Angel Carving Dimensions: 3"H x 1.9"W x 0.9"L