Guilded Geode Crystal Point Necklaces

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Beautiful clear quartz clusters! These clusters are fitted with a powerful stone within them to add its wonderful energies to your everyday life! These necklaces have painted iron-clad brass neck chains. The chain is 18" long.

There Quartz Cluster Necklace are varieties of styles to choose from and the metallic wrapping of the clear quartz cluster comes in silver or gold depending on the options you choose!

Clear quartz is an amplifier of energy, as well as a projector and a retainer and absorber of energy. It is the perfect stone to encompass these power crystals. Clear quartz is also said to help with stimulating the immune system and for being good at clearing blocks in your chakra fields. It's also great for concentrating your mind and balancing you and your body out. 

Tourmaline is great for self-confidence and for ridding fear. It's a great grounding and balancer stone. Whether it's of your personal energies or the energies outside of you. It's also great at removing paranoia and balancing the left and right sides of the brain. It's great at enhancing your energy so you feel more revitalized and it's perfect for giving you a push when you need it most!

Amethyst is the perfect all-around stone. It's great at balancing your mind, body and connecting you with your higher self. It's also great at improving your psychic abilities and a powerful protector stone that rids negative energy of all kinds. It's a great healer stone. Whether that healing is of the mind or body. Amethyst is just chalked full of tons and tons of beneficial properties and is definitely a must-have stone!

Lapiz lazuli is a stone of sight and the mind. It will enhance your psychic abilities and it will charge and work with your 3rd eye. Lapiz lazuli is also a stone of communication that will allow you to better communicate with others and stand in your truth. It's a great stone for concentration and being open to others and ideas. It's a stone that aids in seeing the connectedness in all things and for diving into deeper realms. It's a stone of enlightenment as people say. It will allow you to further internalize yourself and see into the hidden. There is soo much mystery around this stone. It's an amazing stone worth having!