Dragon on Skull Obsidian Carving

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This is a Skull Obsidian Carved piece of obsidian that portrays a fierce dragon perched on a skull. Obsidian is natural glass and is very similar to glass. Although it is more fragile than most stones it has been used for tools and various other purposes throughout time. In the metaphysical community, it is also a definite must-have.

Obsidian is a stone said to be like a black void that sucks in all the negative energy around it and from the bearer. This calms the mind and clears the area. This stone is also said to remove malicious intentions from others by pulling that from them and safeguarding them. Obsidian is great for grounding and is connected to the root chakra of the individual it works with. A great stone to have!

Dragon on Skull Dimensions: 2.5"L x 2"W x 4.1"H