Druzy Agate Dragon Skull

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This Large Dragon Skull is one of a kind! Its skull is filled with tons of crystals giving this powerful stone some depth and giving your carving a bit more of that gemstone look! These druzy dragon heads are prized and sought after by many. Ones this size are rarely found at a decent price. I'm soo glad to present this colorful gem!

Agate is also a Wonderful Dragon Skull Stone to have for all those in the metaphysical community! You may just find this dragon is more magical than its enchanting form leads on! Druzy Agate Dragon Skull is a powerful stone for enhancing the brain's functions. It allows you to retain more information, improves mental function and concentration.

This Skull stone also allows you to open up to new information and even helps you keep an open mind! To some, it is known as the genius stone. This Druzy Dragon Skull Stone is great for grounding you and helping you keep a calm and controlled mind. It's great for people with anxiety or inner anger that need healing. This stone is also great for strengthening relationships. Whether they are with yourself or others. The list goes on and on! Agate is such a powerful wonderful stone!  Dragon Skull Dimensions: 5.4"L x 3"W x 2.6"H