Druzy Hand-Carved Citrine Dragon

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The Hand-Carved Dragon is made of Brazilian citrine. Its eyes are made up of obsidian spheres. The crystals on the dragon make it look like it's engulfed in flames and is full of magnificent flame! The Citrine Dragon is a stone much like fire! It ignites you into your drive and passion. This stone will fuel you into moving towards your highest ideals. It enhances your creativity and helps you manifest and draw prosperity to you!

The Druzy Hand-Carved Citrine Dragon is great for your intuition so you can pay attention to the little voice that knows all the answers. This stone is great for those with low confidence or self-worth. It will help give you the boost you need. The Druzy Hand-Carved Citrine Dragon also inspires a positive attitude that will aid all that you do. Because of that, it helps with aiding your happiness and contentment in life. It is a very nurturing stone and aids in your ability to be compassionate. This stone offers soo much and ignites the fires within. How fitting! Dragon Dimensions: 3.2"L x 1.1"W x 3.8"H