Goddess Druzy Agate Carving

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This large piece of blue lace agate has beautiful sparkly crystals throughout it. It's Druzy Agate Goddess Body Carving to portray the goddess or divine feminine. Blue lace agate is an expensive mineral but it is worth it! It's soo stunning! It's both empowering and energizing! This stone will fill your life with calm and peace. It's soo wonderful!

Blue lace agate Carving is great for unblocking the chakras and clearing out your aura. It's a stone that connects you with the spirit and helps you have a peaceful mind. It's a stone of truth and answers and can aid in someone being able to see things and know their truths. Goddess Carvings Agate is also a great stone for communication. Whether it's aiding in connection and communication with others. Or aiding you in your ability to speak your truth and be your authentic truth. Goddess Dimensions: 6"L x 2.4"W x 0.5"H