Goddess Stone Carving

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Solid piece of natural precious Goddess Stone Carving to depict the divine feminine/ goddess! These statues are small enough to carry with you with ease but big enough to pack quite the energetic current for your needs! This Goddess Shape Stone Carving clears the area of low vibration energy and replaces it with higher vibrational loving energies. It will help you connect better with others and to find self-love with yourself.

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for opening up your heart centers and healing matters of the heart while filling you with loving energies. It also aids in opening you up to compassion and gentler loving thoughts. Howlite is the perfect Goddess Carving
Stone for mental clarity as well as dealing with frustrating situations. It will help push out anger, frustration, and anxious thoughts. howlite will help you control your thoughts so you can stay more positive and uplifted.  While aiding in your drive to take on the day! Goddess Dimensions: 3"L x 0.9"W x 0.5"H