Huge Strawberry Quartz Tower

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This strawberry quartz is a big one! It is our largest tower (for right now). The stone is full of rich reds and crystal shimmer! It is a perfect stone of love and high vibrational energy! It is perfect for energy work or radiating loving energy throughout a house! What better way than a giant tower!

This Huge Strawberry Quartz Tower is your best choice for emotional healing and spiritual development. These beautiful crystals and stones are an exceptional partner for Reiki, meditation, and witchcraft. They naturally destroy and transmute negative energies offering ambient blessings to any room in your home, your office, your spiritual workspace. The Large Crystal Tower is suitable for home and office decoration, crystal collection, an excellent gift idea for those who are just starting to experiment with healing crystals.

Strawberry Tower Dimensions: 1.5"W x 1.4"L x 7.2"H