Labradorite Dragon Skull Carving

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This dragon's skull is the perfect piece of labradorite carved into a dragon's skull! It's full of flash and has silver and deep gray patterns in all the right places!Labradorite is the perfect stone when going through the bumps of the day and especially the perfect stone during change! 

The Dragon Skull Carving protects you and your aura while instilling the charging strength needed to deal with each situation! It also helps with situations where seeing through the truth and uncovering the mysteries or secrets around you are concerned! It is a perfect stone for connection to your higher self and for enhancing and growing your psychic abilities! It also has great attributes to aid in your health, especially with ailments related to the brain, eyes, blood pressure, colds, metabolism, hormones, menstruation, stress, and more!

Labradorite Skull Dimensions: 4"L x 2"W x 2.1"H