Labradorite Fairy

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This beautifully carved fairy gives off wonderful flashes of blues golds, oranges, and almost greens. This unique piece looks almost like a totem to honor the fae folk! It's filled with the embodiment of enchantment and the divine feminine and carved in a stone that shimmers like fairy dust to look magical! To those in the metaphysical community, labradorite is a must-have for its powerful energetic currents!

Labradorite is a powerful protective stone that powerfully shields your aura, strengthening and charging it and pushing away all that oppose its glimmer. It is also a powerful stone of connection with the spirit worlds and opening up your psychic gifts and strengthening them! This Labradorite Fairy Stone is a powerful healer and sees many organs within the human body including the eyes, brain, kidneys, liver, blood pressure, hormones, and much more! This stone is also a balancer of emotions and mind and helps one find their center and charge on with their day! It's such an amazing stone!