Labradorite Pegasus

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This beautifully sculpted pegasus shines deep blue and gold flashes. It's a perfect piece for those who feel connected to pegasus'. It is carved in great detail and is huge! Labradorite is a stone that enhances and opens you up to your psychic abilities!

The sculptural decor also is helpful in stimulating and activating the 3rd eye. This stone also aids in mental and emotional balance and helps you stay in harmony with yourself and those around you. It's also perfect if not the best stone for protecting, recharging, and strengthening your aura! This stone also turns all the negative energy around you into the energy of higher vibrations. Labradorite is also said to help with the physical body in that it helps lower blood pressure, it's also great for balancing hormones and can even aid in brain and eye health! This gemstone is chalked with tons of metaphysical properties! The list goes on and on!

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Pegasus Dimensions: 4.6"L x 1.4"W x 4.1"H