Large Otherworldly Skull

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Large Otherworldly Skull straight out of hell itself... Or so it seems. Jade is a stone that symbolizes serenity and purity. But, If you want something worth a dragon's horde. These are it! We got 3 different styles of jade in 3 different awesome carvings! Although all are highly valuable 1 the Jade materials among the 3 are less common to stumble upon. The snowflake jade! (the snake on the skull). 

Jade is a perfect stone for those seeking prosperity and a bit of extra luck! It's also a great stone to protect the bearer from physical ailments. Not only that Jade is well known for bringing harmony to the home or to the bearer! 

Goat Skull Dimensions: 3.5"L x 3.6"H x 2.7"W

Frog Skull Dimensions: 4.1"L x 2.9"W x 3.1"H

Snake Skull Dimensions: 3.3"L x 2.5"W x 3"H