Large Fluorite Alien Head

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Check these out-of-this-world fluorite alien heads! The eyes look perfect with their tiger's eye eyes, giving it the perfect alien appearance! Fluorite Alien Head is such a wonderful stone as well! It helps eradicate chaos and disorganization by aiding its bearer to take care of themself and keep them focused on growing themselves or lives into all they desire! What a perfect stone to represent such creatures from beyond!

Our Crystal skulls can be programmed and directed by desired intention for supporting the healing of oneself and others. Labradorite harnesses the life-giving elements of the planet and opens up the mind to multiple levels of consciousness that go beyond everyday reality and our outdated belief systems. This Large Fluorite Alien Head is ideal for collection, lucky home, office decor, or a healing reiki gift. 

Green Alien Head Dimensions: 4"L x 3"W x 2.5"H

Purple Alien Head Dimensions: 3.5"L x 2.2"H x 2.5"W