Large Jade Alien Head Carving

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Large jade alien heads with tigers eye for eyes! Now that's out of this world! The rustic-looking jade is perfect for the aesthetic look of the alien's skin!

 Jade Alien Head Carving is also known for bringing protection, prosperity, and luck! It's also known to be a symbol of harmony and purity. So Perhaps this alien does come in peace! Jade is also known for aiding in keeping grounded and in balance with the world around you! 

Tigers' eye is also known for their protective qualities! Tigers' eyes will help you face fear and cross any challenge that comes your way and help you stand in your power! Tigers eye is also known for its healing properties and for bringing that extra bit of energy in those times when we need it!

How fitting!

(Looks may vary between each carving).

Alien Head Dimensions: 3.2"L x 2.5"W x 2.5"H