Large Ocean Jasper Fossil Specimen

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This large specimen is beautiful! Looking at it and deep into it, it gives you a powerful primal feel. It's got tons and tones of golden and dark veins throughout it and it's speckled with little dots that just add to its primal appeal. We love this stone, it's bizarre, beautiful, and soo unique!

The Ocean Jasper Fossil Specimen is a trading name for a multi-colored Madagascar ball design set against a contrasting colored background. Although called a jasper, the stone is actually a mixture of different forms of quartz: clear and colored varieties of banded agate, chalcedony, and pockets of tiny quartz crystals called druzy. When examined under a polarized light microscope, Ocean Jasper becomes floating chalcedony balls in a sea of ​​chalcedony.

Ocean Jasper Fossil Specimen Dimensions: 2.5"W x 1.8"L x 6"H