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We have 9 Natural Stone Keychains to pick from! Each one has its own power utility of energies! Stone provides an array of subtle energies that can affect anywhere from intentions, harmony with ourselves, or environments, they can even enhance those that call upon it's subtle energies! Carrying stones with you has been a practice used by many occultists and even ancient societies for centuries! 

Tigers Eye Keychain is a stone that is said to repell the evil eye or dark intentions cast against you! It's also a stone that's great for giving you a little more energy and empowerment as you tackle the day! It's a stone of charisma and passion and drive!

Amethyst Keychain is a well-known stone for it's all around properties. It's perfect for connecting you with higher realms. It's also great for centering you mind, body and spirit. This stone also has healing properties that are based in emotion and the physical. It's also said to repel negative energies as well as a great array of other wonderful energies!

Clear Quartz Keychain is an amplifier of energy as well as a storer and director. It will enhance the energies of what you put into it. So set those intentions and watch them get the oomph they need! Clear quartz is also great for unblocking the chakras and allowing energy to flood through them. It's also a great stone to connect with others and find balance and concentration of the mind.

Aventurine Keychain is a happy stone! It's a stone that pulses energies that will aid it's bearer to be happy! It's also a stone of fortune! This stone can aid in attracting and feeling more abundant in life! This stone is also great for charging the heart center and helping you to feel love for yourself and others! Aventurine can also help you stay grounded and balanced throughout the day. It's a wonderful stone!

Moonstone Keychain picks up on the divine feminine and lunar energies and is a perfect stone for the full moon's riveting energies or for the feminine cycles and calming them. It's a great stone for balancing emotions and even facing and healing them. This stone will calm the tides and bring harmony. This stone is also great for those that want to be and feel more compassionate and open to the world! This stone is just filled with mysteries and many many properties!

Red Jasper Keychain is a nurturing stone. In fact jasper is probably the most nurturing stone. It will help you feel safe and calm. It will ground you and help you to feel balanced. It will look into anger and help calm the storms. It's also said that jasper is quite protective of it's barer and will protect it from the negative intentons and energies around you. Jasper will aid in concentration and focus. Jasper is perfect for those who want those subtle energies to nurture you as you work with this stone's energies.

Sodalite Keychain is perfect for letting you stand in your truth by opening you up to being more confident to speak your truth and know when and when not to say something. This stone also works with your 3rd eye and will strengthen your intuition. This stone will help you connect with your psychic abilities and help you reach higher realms! This stone will also work with your emotions and help you to balance them. This stone helps you to focus and concentrate and even helps your mind process and understand things even better. This stone is a stone of communication alternatively helps you to see the truth in all matters. Soo many properties!

Turquoise Keychain is a very protective stone. It is said to shield its bearer from the harm of all varieties! It's also great for connecting you with your spirit and higher mind. It will open you up to your psychic abilities and strengthen them. It will show you the interconnectedness of all things. This stone also brings with it communication and balance as well as aids in expression and creativity! Turquoise is quite a mysterious stone and has been used throughout the centuries from Egypt to the shamans that walked across the land long ago!

Carnelian Keychain is a protective stone against negative energies. This stone is said to light up the passions and drive in us and charge our creativity. It's like the fire which also aids us in feeling more sensual and will also aid in confidence. This stone is perfect for those that are looking to feel more grounded and centered in the moment as it will help aid your mind in standing in the now and trusting the flow of things. 

Which one calls out to you!?