Owl On Skull Jade Carving

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This orange jade is carved into an owl perched on a skull. It's filled with wonderful detail! Orange jade is an odd form of jade in that it has attributes not common in other jades. Orange jade helps with being able to see things and elevating your discernment.

It is also great for purifying your aura. This stone also aids in showing you the connectedness within the blueprint of the universe! Jade has always been a symbol of harmony and peace and for good reason! Jade is great at calming the storms within and bringing you back to harmony. This stone is also great for igniting your drive and push within you. Jade is also known for its protective properties and for bringing its bearer luck! This Skull Jade Carving is soo fitting to the nature of the owl and the death or change of one's direction!

Owl on Skull Dimensions: 1.9"L x 1.4"W x 2.9"H