Alabaster Roaring Lion

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Alabaster is not very known about but it should be! The sphinx in Egypt is made out of it and look at its energy! This alabaster lion is a solid piece of alabaster polished and carved into this adorable lion! 

Alabaster is a stone that aids in forgiveness and letting go of grudges! For those that struggle with such things. No worries this stone also aids in helping you when you're angry whether it's past or present! This stone will even help with the anxiety that may come with each hectic situation! This stone is perfect for connecting you between worlds and in this world! It will aid you in connection with others as well as connection to the higher realms! Perfect for meditations or shamanic journeys! This stone also aids in emotional balance and calms the mind to a state of balance! The list goes on and on! Alabaster is such a wonderful stone!

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Lion Dimensions: 4.2"L x 1.6"W x 2.6"H