Rhodonite Heart

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This Rhodonite heart is HUGE and realistic! The rhodonite veins in it just add to its realism! It has soo many intricate patterns and shifts in color all over it! It will open up your heart to love. Or be the perfect addition to collectors

Crystal Rhodonite Heart is the perfect stone for clearing away emotional wounds that you're feeling or that are within you deep in your subconscious! It's a stone of compassion that opens you up to compassion with its gentle loving energies. It works strongly with the heart to open it up and even charge the heart chakra! This stone grounds and balances you and sees deep in you to tend to you or is powerful in a pinch if you are just slammed with an emotional rollercoaster or dealing with heartache! It's all about the heart and love! How befitting for it to be carved in its energetic current!

Grab this before it's gone!