Ruby Zoisite Dragon Skull Stone Carving

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This huge piece of Ruby Zoisite was carved into this fierce dragon skull. Its coloring gives it a look that's soo reptilian with its green and black hues. Its light red speckles throughout only add to the speckle that makes this carving amazing!

Ruby Zoisite Dragon Skull is great for promoting vitality and happiness! It helps us to appreciate more and worry less! This stone also helps in attracting abundance and helps you stay balanced with a fueled drive! It will crush all the dark thoughts and emotions you have inside yourself and let happiness and allow your mind to marvel more at the world. But it doesn't stop there! This stone also aids in putting up the body's defenses and activates healing throughout the body! This stone is amazing and there's no shortage of benefits this stone offers!

Grab yours today before it's gone!

Dragon Skull Dimensions: 4"W x 4.4"L x 2.5"H