Skull Stone Carving

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We have a calming howlite, a loving Rose Quartz, and an energizing clear quartz skull to choose from!

Howlite Skull Stone Carving is great for aiding those with insomnia. It's also great for relieving stress and anger from its bearer! This stone brings in its energies to help calm and direct an active mind!

Rose Quartz Skull opens and heals your heart center so you can be open to love! It brings in love for all those that seek it! It helps deepen relationships and opens you up and others to compassion and tenderness! 

Clear Quartz is great for storing, releasing, and regulating energy! It helps with creativity and inspiration and helps open you up and connect you to the higher realms and your personal center for spirituality! This stone is great for helping you build awareness and having a wonderful tool for your energy manipulations!

  • Rose Quartz Skull Dimensions: 3"L x 2.1"H x 1.9"W
  • Howlite Skull Dimensions: 3"L x 2"W x 2.2"H
  • Clear Quartz Skull Dimensions: 2.9"L x 1.7"W x 2.1"H