Small Guardian Angel Stone Carving

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The Small Angel Stone Carving was carved from a solid piece of precious gemstone. These stones are charged with soo much energy and come in 5 varieties! Which one speaks to you? Get the one you need today! Angel Dimensions: 0.9"W x 0.5"L x 1.4"H. 

Rose Quartz Carving connects with your heart center and heals and opens it up to self-love and to love others! It's also the perfect stone for clearing out low vibrational energy and replacing it with higher vibrational energy! 

Aventurine Carving is a stone that also aids in matters of the heart by bringing you closer to compassion and self-love. It is the happy stone! It helps you have happy thoughts and opens you up to abundance! 

Howlite Carving is a great emotional stabilizer! It helps you keep calm emotions and deal with frustrations, stress, and anxiety! By entering your mind also helps you find your drive and your mental clarity. 

Turquoise Carving is a highly protective stone connected with your 3rd eye and throat chakras. This will help you connect with your psychic abilities and help you speak your truth and matters of communication! It's also a great healing stone. 

Opalite Carving helps a lot in the matters of your aura and chakras. It will help you to clear your chakra pathways and charge your aura.