Small Gemstone Bracelet

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This is the Smallest Gemstone Bracelet we have! They're perfect for those who want the minimalist feel on their wrists! We have 2 types of stone for our small bracelet collection. rhodonite and peridot. Sizes of gemstone may vary from 2.3-3.9mm.

Peridot Gemstone Bracelet is a stone said to bring good health to its bearer. It's also a stone of compassion helping you to emphasize and be compassionate with others. It also aids in smoothing over relationships with its subtle energies and reinvigorating them. It's also great for helping you feel at peace and in harmony. Especially if you are trying to sleep. Peridot is said to help you get a peaceful night's sleep. Because of its mental and mood properties of peace, it makes it quite the stone to wear if you are trying to feel balanced. It's a stone of happiness and harmony. Its qualities go on and on!

Rhodonite Gemstone Bracelet is a great stone for healing emotional wounds especially involved in love matters. It also aids in opening the heart to more love whether it's to yourself or others. It is also a stone that aids in matters of compassion as it will help aid you in emphasizing with others and be more understanding. It will invigorate you and inspire you which will aid you in completing your goals. This Stone Bracelet is the perfect stone of love and harmony with yourself!