Small Skull Stone Carving

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Solid pieces of precious stone carved into the likeness of skulls. There are 6 powerful stones to choose from all brimming with their powerful energies! So if you want less intense energies radiating from your stone, the regular amethyst is perfect for you! But! All of these stones are the perfect all-around stones!

Dream Amethyst Carving and amethyst go hand in hand and are the perfect gemstones for healing, protection, and strengthening your psychic abilities! They're also very wonderful stones for ridding away of negative thought patterns and energy around you! Helping you be more positive. The difference between the dream amethyst and amethyst is mainly surrounding the fact the dream amethyst or chevron amethyst is more for connecting to the higher chakras and spiritual systems. It is said the dream amethyst is a bit stronger. 

Green Fluorite Carving is perfect for balancing your mind, body, and spirit! It's also a great stone for keeping you grounded! This stone aids in prosperity and is perfect for those that are trying to stay in their center! Tigers eye Carving  is a very protective stone that eliminates energy in the area and of the bearer. It's nurturing and inspires one to push and find their drive! It will help you stay calm and help you surpass fears and challenges with greater ease. 

Lapiz Lazuli Carving is said to be powerful at protecting from psychic attacks! It's the stone of truth and higher realms! It helps you open up your throat chakra so you can speak and stand in your truth with more ease. It's also a stone for opening you up and strengthening your psychic abilities. It's said to bring you peace, self-awareness and to help you open up to love and compassion. All these stones are great! Pick the one that speaks to you! Small Skull Stone Carving Dimensions: 1.4"L x 1"x 1.1"H