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These Specimens Display Stands are an excellent way to safely cradle all of your odd-shaped or uneven specimens of coral, minerals, fossils, geodes, and more. This is an excellent display base for protecting the surfaces your fine furnishings from damage or scratches by the rough bottoms of your collectibles while enabling you to decorate your home or office with style.

2 Choices to pick from! We have this very rich deep red and orange citrine! It's situated on a marble display stand that has a metal anchor that allows it to swivel so you can inspect it! We also have an azurite in a similar stand for the same viewing pleasure! Get yours now!

Citrine Display Stand: 3.2"L x 3.9"W x 8"H, 

Azurite Display Stand: 3.2"L 3.9"W x 7.6"H.