Spongebob Fluorite Carving

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Sponge Bob has been in many of our childhoods if not our kids or grandchildren! He's such a character! He brings laughter and fun to all those that watch! This figurine is carved in his image and is made of purple fluorite. This Fluorite Carving Stone is not only amazing for its radiance especially when you illuminate it with light. But in the metaphysical world, it is the stone of balance.

Purple Fluorite is great at balancing your mind and emotional body. It's also known to create peace out of chaotic energies. This stone is also great for focus and concentration. It also helps you connect with your intuition and higher realms! It's perfect for keeping yourself and your mind centered while meditating! Sponge Bob Carving Dimensions: 1.9"W x 1.1"L x 1.9"H