Stone Keychains Without Chain

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This key chain will allow you to keep a beautiful piece of precious stone right on your keys! The lack of a chain prevents the extra weight of it dangling. It also is great for those that don't want a chain that gets caught on things or tangled in other things on their keychains should they have such things. Very simple yet powerful! There are 5 stones to choose from! 

The Red Agate chain is a very push type of stone. It will help boost your drive to be bold and move to make what you want to happen. It opens up your creativity and sensual being. It will also help you feel more grounded and in the now. 

Turquoise is a very mysterious stone centered around the mind. It will aid you in opening up your psychic abilities. It also will help you to speak your truth and see into the truth of all things. This stone will protect you from negative energies and more and more!

Tigers eye is said to be very effective against warding yourself from curses and negative intentions. It is also a stone of drive and creativity. It will help you to push past fear and face all things that come your way. It will also aid in bringing its energies to yours to give you the drive you need for what your passions are. It will balance you and aid you in keeping a focused balanced mind.

Citrine activates your intuition. It will also aid you in pushing you to the task. This stone helps manifest abundance and will boost your luck a bit. It will bolster your mind into the positive and aid in your confidence. While protecting you from your own and others' negative energies.

Jade is known as the stone of harmony and peace. It will protect its bearer from physical harm as well as psychic harm. This stone is known for its the ability to bolster your luck as well as bring prosperity your way. Jade is great at bringing balance and blessing your way while at the same time it will do what it can to keep you safe from all that comes your way.