Tourmaline Crow And Skulls Stone Carving

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This Tourmaline Crow is carved out of tourmaline and is crafted standing on a couple of skulls! Its attention to detail is quite wonderful and the tourmaline is the perfect stone to give it a more realistic crow look! Crows are said to bring omens. This crow carving is sure to bring you good luck and prosperity as is common with those who work with tourmaline!

Tourmaline Skulls Stone Carving is a stone said to help connect the left and right brain! Which many look for to achieve mental balance! This stone is also perfect for protecting you from low vibrations as well as any ill will against you! This stone is also said to help with those who have paranoia and can also help improve hand-eye coordination! This stone just has soo many properties and is perfect for those who love crows!

Crow w/ Skulls Dimensions: 3"W x 3"L x 4.5"H