Tourmaline Griffin Stone Carving

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This beautiful tourmaline Griffin is chalked full of detail and looks soo majestic! The tourmalines jet black gives it such a nice natural statuesque look! This griffin isn't just beautiful! It's also made of quite a powerful stone!

Tourmaline is a stone of abundance, prosperity, and protection! It's said to protect you against all types of negativity and ill will! This stone is also perfect for those mystics in search of connecting the right and left sides of their brain to achieve balance! This stone is also very grounding and can even aid in paranoia! But it doesn't stop there it's also said to aid those who are dyslexic and to help in hand-eye coordination! The list goes on in on! This gemstone griffin is amazing!

Griffin Dimensions: 2.2"W x 2.9"L x 3.1"H