Venus De Milo Jade Carving

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This Beautiful Carving Captures the divine feminine in all its raw form. It's also full of detail from the muscle contours to the feathers in the wings. This statue is beautifully carved from some white jade with light ribbons throughout giving it the perfect statuesque appearance to draw and hold the attention!

White Jade Carving is perfect for helping you feel calm and relaxed. Like with all jade, jade is known to bring prosperity, luck, and protection to its bearer! This white jade also opens you up to pure love and allows you to walk with a more righteous heart! White Jade is also said to be good for the stomach, kidney, liver, and various other ailments of the stomach. It's said to aid diabetics.

This Stone Carving is also a perfect stone for eliminating negative thought patterns and energy. It's also said to protect the bearer from physical ailments. The list goes on! Get your hands on this elegant piece while it lasts!

Venus De Milo Dimensions: 1.8"L x 3.6"W x 3.6"H